black Train
967 Yemen

black Train

Land Train: A word land train from Maziden. Once upon a time the passenger and freight transported to the land of the train to the mind of high-speed trains now left. Do you have a trip to the past with Sefa Aralan's pen? Here's Sefa Aralan's [more…]

hicaz rail
967 Yemen

Hejaz Railway

Hejaz railway: The Ottoman Empire was very sensitive to the adaptation of modern technology to the country. For example, communication technology, such as telegraphs, has been transferred to the Ottoman country shortly after its introduction in the West. Telegraph 1832 in the west, 1853 in the Ottoman Empire [more…]

medina station
966 Saudi Arabia

Neck of the Train

Medina Train Station: 2 On May 1900, preparations for the Hejaz Railway have started and although there are various views on the determination of the railway route, Sultan II. Al-Hijaz line along the historic pilgrimage road [more…]

atesten horses hicaz railway private news
967 Yemen

Fire / Horseshoe Railway (Special Report)

Horses from the Fire / Hijaz Railway: Hamidiye Hijaz Railway, the dream that occurred in the Star Palace ic German Emperor 2. Wilhelm visits Istanbul for the second time, and 21 opens to Anatolia in October and goes to Damascus. In front of Selahattin Eyyubi's grave, Abdülhamit's hospitality [more…]