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What is the Silk Road Project?

In recent years, there have been important developments in logistics in the world. One of these developments is the world's new economic power over China. Many world brands, all their investments in this country, while almost all their production has shifted to this region. Chinese state [more…]

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Railways Network Increases from Uzbekistan to China

Uzbekistan started electrification of railways from Kyrgyzstan to China Uzbekistan Railways announced that it has begun the electrification of railroads extending from China to Kyrgyzstan. The same company reported that the electrification of the part of Pap-Namangan-Andijan, which combines the east of Uzbekistan with Kyrgyzstan and China, was planned. forthcoming [more…]

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Hong Kong Metro and Microbiome

One of the major problems of the employees living in big cities is public transportation. Especially in big cities such as Istanbul where starting to work and access to public transportation vehicles and even being able to ride is a separate art [more…]