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20 Egypt

Passenger Train Exits The Rail in Egypt

In Egypt, in the province of El-Menufiyya, the passenger train was derailed and 12 was wounded. Egyptian Ministry of Health Khaled Megahed, spokesman of the Ministry of Health in El-Menufiyye in the north of the new Shibin al-Sand station derailed a train as a result of the 12 person [more…]

20 Egypt

Train Crash in Egypt 34 Injured

The 3 wagon of the passenger train traveling on the Aswan Dam line was derailed by derailing in the accident in the town of Badraşin in Giza. The Egyptian Ministry of Health reported that at least one 34 was injured and the 25 ambulance was sent to the scene. Egypt State [more…]

216 Tunisia

1 Dead 60 In Tunisia

Two passenger trains in Tunisia as a result of the collision of the 1 person died, 60 said the person was injured. In a statement issued by the Tunisian Ministry of Internal Affairs, last night, two people died in a collision with the result of a collision, [more…]

20 Egypt

15 Dead 40 Injured Trains In Egypt Wounded

A passenger train in the state of Boheira, Egypt, collided with a freight train killed the 15 and injured the 40. In Egypt, the number of those who lost their lives as a result of the collision of two trains increased to 15. Egyptian Ministry of Transport said in a statement that the accident in 15 [more…]