First Skoda Tram Set Arrives in Eskisehir

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality continues to strengthen bus and tram fleets used in urban transportation in order to provide a better service to citizens. The latest technology in the vehicles offered to the service closely followed by the Metropolitan Municipality within the framework of the tender [more…]


Eskişehir tram watches 2018 ESTRAM

Eskişehir tram times, Eskişehir living, everyone who comes to visit the most curious about transportation issues. We also compiled the working hours and working hours of tram lines operating in Eskişehir. Departure times, duration of voyages, number of minutes, frequency of voyages, [more…]


ESTRAM Becomes an Example to the World

ESTRAM is an example for the world: Eskişehir light rail transportation system ESTRAM sets an example for the world with its innovative and modern transportation system. ESTRAM providing information about tramway operating systems to delegations from South Korea and Uzbekistan in recent months [more…]


Transformer Exploded at ESTRAM Maintenance Center

ESTRAM Maintenance Center Transformer Explosion: Eskişehir, Eskişehir Light Rail System Facility (ESTRAM) Maintenance Center in Eskişehir where there are trams engaged in urban passenger transport technician who is trying to resolve the malfunction of a transformer in the 29-year-old Serhat Erdogan, was injured as a result of the explosion of the transformer. [more…]


Tramway Accident in Eskisehir 1 Injured

Tramway Accident in Eskisehir 1 Injured: A person hit by a tram in Eskişehir was seriously injured when he wanted to cross the road in Eskişehir. According to information obtained, Yenibağlar Mahallesi Uludag Street passing through the road using the tram line to go across the road [more…]


Diary of a Motherland

Diary of a Homeland: Tram drivers who played an important role in the transportation of Eskişehir, the problems experienced by the citizens during the day and the problems faced by the Railway Workers Union Financial Secretary, Oguz Senel told. Tram used by Eskişehir citizens almost every day [more…]


Tram Line Works in Eskişehir

In Eskişehir, due to the work of the Tram Line, the 28 reported that some routes will be closed to traffic temporarily in Emek neighborhood as of April. In the written statement made in the Metropolitan Municipality about the subject, the works will be completed as soon as possible and the closed routes will be opened to new traffic. [more…]