use rail system in urban transportation to solve bursa traffic
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Solution to Bursa Traffic Using Rail System in Urban Transportation

In growing cities… Moreover, in cities such as Bursa, which grow rapidly at an abnormally unplanned and uncontrolled way, the problem of traffic is an inevitable reality of daily life. As a matter of fact,… In Bursa, new roads and new bridges are being built, existing roads are expanded, but there is no rooted solution. For years Kar [more…]

dalaman train station
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Dalaman Train Station

Train Stations are special places where very different emotions are experienced. They also have as much joys as joys and joys. Hands swinging from the wagon window, steps accelerating when the train begins to slowly travel, [more…]

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BUDO Pier Is Changing in Mudanya

Undoubtedly,'n Mudanya's traffic is one of the first places among the chronic problems of recent years. There are many reasons for this, of course. For example, gibi 8-10 Mudanya, a quiet coastal settlement until the year before, is no longer the same. Summery [more…]

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Bursa City Square-Terminal Tram Line

The Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktas explained the 2 June target in the T2018 tram on Istanbul Street. Olay Media visit also opened this. President Aktaş said that, the problems arising from the contractor's understanding of doing business taş is the November-December new target. [more…]

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New Target of Silkworm Tram

Silkworm models with Turkey's first tram manufacturer of Durmazlar the one hand, the good news from Poland while waiting for the new target started preparations for the Mediterranean. Because lar Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in the tram project 20 best offer for tram does not stop [more…]

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When Will Bursa Take A Fast Train

In fact, devam In December 2012, infrastructure construction started in Bursa-Yenişehir section of the high-speed train with the basis of Balat entrance, even the first allowance was completed in tunnels. But. Eyes 3 was a tender in April. Because ve In this tender, the superstructure and electromechanical between Bursa and Yenişehir, and the infrastructure, superstructure and construction between Yenişehir and Bilecik. [more…]

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Bursa Speed ​​Train Project Acceleration Formula

The tender was made as c Deputy Prime Minister Hakan Çavuşoğlu announced. 3 tender in April resulted in a bid of 2.5 billion pounds for the entire Bursa-Osmaneli line. However, the tender has not been ratified yet, as the exchange rate movements are still under investigation for some technical reasons. But Ahmet Minister of Transport Ahmet [more…]

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Exciting Description for Lightning Metro

Söze plan ”We have very nice plans about Bursa…. AK Party provincial chairman Ayhan Salman immediately after his words, also attended by the Minister of Transportation Ahmet Arslan on Saturday and reminded the Transport Co-ordination Meeting held in Bursa for the first time. First of all [more…]

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High Speed ​​Train Transportation to Bursa

Time passes fast gündem When we first wrote in 1993, the feasibility of the Bandırma-Bursa-Osmaneli railway was on the agenda of the TGNA Transport Sub-Commission. Excitement increased at the beginning of 2011 when Faruk Çelik, the Minister of Labor and Social Security of the period, announced that he was going to the tender. Even the first auction 22 [more…]

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2035 for Bursa 71 Target

In fact, there is the Bursa Transportation Master Plan prepared in 2012. However, the rapid growth continued and the unforeseen transportation problem made the Transport Master Plan questionable in its sixth year. Therefore… Metropolitan [more…]