chpli serter izmir cesme
35 Izmir

CHP Serter, Izmir-Çeşme Motorway Carriage to Parliament

Republican People's Party İzmir deputy Bedri hard, Izmir-Cesme motorway their pricing Grand National Assembly of Turkey (Parliament) raised the hard, Transport questions concerning the remuneration of injustice and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turan asked. CHP Izmir deputy Bedri Serter'in [more…]

Istanbul airport accident
34 Istanbul

Accident at Istanbul Airport

The wing of the Boeing 737 type aircraft, which is called Sümela belonging to Turkish Airlines, crashed on the pole during the taxi and the 8.45 Ankara flight was canceled. Boeing 08.45 type aircraft from Sumela, which is prepared to make flights to Ankara at 737 at Istanbul Airport [more…]

the demolition of the hamza invincible massacre will be determined by popular vote
23 Elazig

Demolition of Hamza Yanilmaz-Katlu Junction

Hamza Yanilmaz Katlı Junction of the upper part of the collapse of the top not be insensitive to the demands of the Mayor of Elazığ Sahin Şerifoğulları, the top of the intersection of the demolition of the People's Democracy decided to be demolished. A written statement from the Municipality of Elazig on the subject; [more…]

07 Antalya

5 Meter Snow Fight in May in Antalya

Summer and winter landscapes are experienced at the same time in Antalya. There are summer images on the beaches while the plateaus fight against snow. The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is working intensively to open the snow-covered roads of the Söbüçimen Plateau of Gündoğmuş. [more…]

pedestrian safety for pedestrians

'First Pedestrian' Application in Saruhanlı for the Safety of Pedestrians

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has carried out various works in order to provide pedestrian superiority in traffic and to increase the security of life and property, carried out the installation of 'First Pedestrian' icons in Saruhanlı. Within the scope of the study, strips were drawn on the various streets of Saruhanli, determining the pedestrian priority. Interior [more…]

kayseri will be exemplified by bulk tsima service
38 Kayseri

Kayseri will be a sample city with public transport service

Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Memduh Büyükkılıç attended the iftar given by the Chamber of Coaches Tradesmen. Büyükkılıç, ift da ar mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj mesaj Otobüs Otobüs Otobüs Otobüs Otobüs Otobüs Chairman Büyükkılıç, public transport service [more…]

istanbul airport to international odul
34 Istanbul

International Award to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport was awarded the prest Special Achievement Award 'in the Traveler Outstanding Innovation lar category of the Global Traveler, one of the most prestigious publications in the tourism sector in the world. Turkey opened a new door in the world Istanbul Airport, the US-based global access; frequent travel [more…]

Istanbul airport does not run out of shortcomings
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Airport Misses Don't Know

We talked with a staff member who transferred the problems from Istanbul Airport to another airport. There are no roads called cat paths in the ceilings of the restaurants at the airport, so pay attention to the risk of running fire, saying that the accumulated fats cannot be cleaned [more…]