7 has been providing uninterrupted service in sectoral reporting for rail, road and ropeway news. RayHaber 65 is a huge broadcasting company that has signed a thousand news with its innovative and neutral reporting approach. RayHaber In addition to the news of 65 bin news on our website, we are proud to welcome the average 20 thousand unique visitors per day, with daily auction releases and 60 annual rail archive.

Our aim is to move our 100 thousand daily visitors, the first 100 thousand sites in the national rankings, enter into the first thousand sites in Turkey.

Media: Web
Establishment: 23.11.2011
Broadcasting: 31.12.2011
News: 65.000 news, 1500 video
Visitor: 60.000 singular / day
Alexa: 250.0000
Tel: +90 232 7000 729
Email: Contact@rayhaber.com

5, which operates in this field in Turkey and abroad, can reach more than a thousand companies on our website. If you want to promote your company more effectively, please contact us:

Phone:+ 90 232 7000 729
Email: Contact@rayhaber.com


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  2. "Turkey is a continued railway sector to become the leader in Europe." Do you believe yourself to this sentence?

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