Eurasian Tunnel Vehicle Passed Million
34 Istanbul

Eurasia Tunnel Added to IMM Traffic Map

The route of the Eurasia Tunnel, which will be opened to vehicle traffic on 20 December 2016, has started to appear on map applications. The Eurasia Tunnel can now be seen in the desktop version of the İBB Traffic application. If Apple, Google and Yandex [more…]

34 Istanbul

Yandex.Maps to Search in Marmaray

Yandex.Maps will search on Marmaray: Updating the mobile map application, Yandex now offers the opportunity to search for addresses on Marmaray, in the subway and at other times when we cannot connect to the internet. It is the place where everyone who is involved in the business world lives. [more…]

Routing routes and practical route information from yandex navigation users
06 Ankara

Added to Yandex Maps in Rail Systems

Added to Yandex maps in rail systems: The Russian-based Yandex company, which has recently become popular in our country with the services it offers, continues to make innovations for its mobile applications. Available on Yandex's iOS platform [more…]