Istanbul Airport is the runway
34 Istanbul

3. Airport Radar Protection

The new 3. Airport Radar Protection, DHMİ, 3'inci Airport with sensors and radars will protect the latest technology. The project will be piloted in Antalya. Less than a year before opening [more…]

06 Ankara

X-ray devices will be placed in Ankara

X-ray device will be placed at subway entrances in Ankara: Measures have been increased in order to prevent bloody terrorist activities in Ankara. In line with the new decisions taken, x-ray devices will be placed at approximately 100 metro entrances in Ankara. Bloody terror in Ankara [more…]


The popularity of the bus journey does not end

The popularity of bus travel does not end: Manager of Bus Stations Ömer Lütfi Ersöz made important statements to the country. Ersöz said, "Even if high-speed train services and flights are increased, the popularity of Konya Bus Station and bus transportation will continue." [more…]


Izmit Garage wide security

Wide security at Izmit Station: Security measures have been increased in public institutions and organizations after the 15 July coup attempt. X-Ray device for accessing the platforms for citizens to travel peacefully [more…]


Moving minutes in Izmit Train Station

Moving minutes at Izmit Train Station: Moving minutes were experienced at Izmit Train Station. At the entrance to the station with the suspect in the bag came out of the debate between the police. Person detained in case the bag just outside the station [more…]

86 China

China subway security control starts on planes

Security control begins in the Chinese subway, as in airplanes: At the subway stations in Beijing, the capital of China, passengers also pass through security control. At two subway stations in Beijing's historic Tiananmen Square due to increased security concerns [more…]