35 Izmir

A Rain of Praise to Izmir from the World Bank

The innovations of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which advocates a healthy urbanization model against environmental problems, received praise from the World Bank delegation. Describing İzmir as a “pioneering-leading city”, the members of the delegation said, “It is a different city from other municipalities. [more…]

35 Izmir

Great gesture from the World Bank to Izmir

Big gesture from the World Bank to İzmir: The financial success of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to be shown as an example in the international arena. Representative of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), affiliated to the World Bank, who visited President Aziz Kocaoğlu [more…]


The World Bank has praised in Turkey

The World Bank praised Turkey: Last year, the World Bank absorbed 35,6 percent of the global investment in Turkey's transportation sector, with the 6,4 billion dollar Istanbul third airport and the 40 billion dollar Gebze-İzmir Highway. [more…]

35 Izmir

World Bank shows Izmir as an example

The World Bank cited Izmir as an example: The World Bank cited its financing strategies and vision of creating a competitive city as an exemplary model for Tunisia. Tunisian technocrats who came to the city, the applications of the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

91 India

Indian Railways Renew East Line

Renewing the Eastern Line of Indian Railways: Another step has been taken for Indian railways transportation. DFC(Dedicated Freight Corridor Corp) for the 1840km Bhaupur-Khurja railway of 343km India east line in total [more…]

34 Istanbul

World Logistics Sector Meets in Istanbul

World Logistics Industry Meets in Istanbul: FIATA World Congress 2014 Istanbul, where the leading names of the world logistics industry will meet, is starting. The congress to be hosted by UTIKAD, the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers, [more…]


Logistics World Meets in Istanbul

The World of Logistics Meets in Istanbul: FIATA World Congress 2014 Istanbul, where the leading names of the world logistics industry will meet, begins. The congress, which will be hosted by the Association of International Forwarding and Logistics Service Providers UTIKAD, will be held in the "Sustainable Logistics" [more…]


Change of Mission in UITP

Change of Role in UITP: For the last two years, UITP Middle East and North Africa Transportation Excellence Center, which was established by UITP in Dubai with Dubai Road and Transport Authority (RTA), has focused on R&D and Education [more…]


Şanlıurfaya Trolleybus

Thinking of making a trolleybus to Şanlıurfaya is a matter of intent: proposing the idea of ​​electric and rubber wheeled trolleybus to Şanlıurfa's public transportation problem instead of subway and tram systems was considered as intent. Municipalities in Anatolian cities [more…]


Light Rail System is a Must for Erzurum!

Transportation; is one of the basic infrastructure of the development of a society. Unless this infrastructure can be established in accordance with long-term needs, the development of a country or city does not occur to the desired extent. Urban transportation in our century [more…]


Transportation Stalemate in Turkey

In the recent period, the transportation of passenger and freight transportation to a large extent complement each other fast, economic and safe transportation, combined, intermodal, multimodal systems to benefit from; In this system, if necessary highway, railway, maritime, airline [more…]