IETT from 24 hours Ramadan Line

24-hour Ramadan Line from IETT: IETT will launch the "Ramadan Line", which it puts into service every Ramadan, this year as well. While some lines are arranged to operate for 24 hours, special lines for the month of Ramadan are [more…]

34 Istanbul

CevizliVineyard Metrobus Station Completed

CevizliThe railway station Metrobus completed: by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality CevizliThe works carried out at the Bağlar Metrobus Station have been completed. In addition to the existing overpasses, a 40-meter-long, 8-meter-wide platform was built. From the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


CevizliBond Metrobus Station is expanding

CevizliThe metrobus station is expanding: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, CevizliBağ will build a 40 meter long and 8 meter wide platform in addition to the existing overpasses at the Metrobus Station. According to the statement made by the municipality, Cevizlivineyard Metrobus station pedestrian [more…]

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North south crisis at Metrobüs station

CevizliThe north exit at the vineyard Metrobus Station was closed. Only the south exit can pick up and drop off passengers. When this happens, there is a stampede. We say that Metrobus' troubles never end, or we don't always say for nothing. new every day [more…]