breakage construction at manavgat mill
07 Antalya

Bridge Construction Rises in Manavgat Değirmenli

The construction of the bridge in the Değirmenli neighborhood, which connects the 3 neighborhood in Manavgat, started by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department, works for comfortable and reliable transportation in the countryside [more…]

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TCDD's Laundering in Corlu Train Crash Scandal

CHP Tekirdağ Deputy İlhami Özcan Aygun evaluated the acquittal of TCDD Management by the expert report prepared on the train accident that took place near Çorlu on July 8 as a "scandal". Aygun, the entire bill of the accident road-maintenance repair team [more…]

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Expert of Çorlu Train Accident Receives Tender from TCDD

While it was revealed that the expert Karaşahin was the consultant for the renewal project of the line in the Çorlu train accident, it was noted that Yarman received a tender. A new one has been added to the expert scandal regarding the train accident in which 25 people lost their lives in Çorlu. [more…]

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Çorlu Train Line Delivers Great Danger

CHP Istanbul Deputy, Assembly Public Works, Reconstruction, Transport Commission Member Gökan Zeybek warned with the Çorlu train line, which was reopened two days after the disaster on July 25, where 8 people died. for filling [more…]

kpss preferences as a result of the attention of candidates settled tcddye
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Dark Clouds

The effects of global climate change are becoming more and more felt in our country as in the whole world. The World Economic Forum 2018's Global Risk Report examined, climate changes, natural disasters, [more…]