uzungol cable car comes to life
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Uzungöl Teleferic Implementation

Businessman Sukru Fettahoglu, Uzungol cable car project put on hold for a long time. Fettehoğlu began the excavation work, said the location of the pole was opened. Fettahoğlu, "God willing, two of the three stations will open in July." He said. [more…]

uzungol karester hill ropeway project was auctioned 1
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Uzungol-Karester Hill Telefer Project was Tender

Following the Teleferik Project, which was initiated and started to be built by businessman Şükrü Fettahoğlu, the tender of the Teleferic Project planned by the Çaykara Municipality on the Uzungöl-Karester Hill line was held. KIRTUR entered the tender as the only company [more…]

Uzungolun ropeway to tender 1
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Uzungöl Ropeway Project Tenders

Çaykara district is visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists every year in Uzungöl cable car project is going to tender. 4 prepared for Uzungöl years ago and moved to the judiciary due to objections of some citizens [more…]


Uzungöl Ropeway Project Begins

Şükrü Fettahoğlu, a businessman who signed a contract with Teleferik Holding last year, set out to give Uzungöl, the most popular tourism center of Trabzon and the region, to gain the first ropeway project. [more…]


Five separate cable cars to Trabzon

Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gumrukcuoglu made evaluations about five different ropeway projects in the city. Uzungol, Sumela Monastery, Ortahisar district (city center), Akçabat-Hıdırnebi and Beşikdüzü-Beşikdağı to be [more…]

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Cable Car Construction Starts in Uzungol

Uzungöl'de Ropeway Construction Begins: Trabzon and turizmci businessman Uzungöl'de, one of Turkey's most popular tourist destinations in the queue arrived at the construction Ropeway Project, which will be held by Shukri Fettahoğlu. Fettahoglu, April construction [more…]

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Bloodthirsty wound of Uzungol

Uzungöl'de the bleeding wounds of the cable car: Uzungöl'de which is one of the important tourism centers of Turkey and the Black Sea region, was shut down for almost silence these days. Turkey's Trabzon Çaykara in one of the major tourist centers and all [more…]

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Cable car discussion in Ortahisar

Ropeway discussion in Ortahisar: Ortahisar Mayor Ahmet Metin Genc, ​​while answering the questions of CHP Group President Turgay Sahin regarding the Ropeway Project, it was revealed that he had asked from Gümüsçüoğlu to do the project before but could not receive it. [more…]