august victory train will repeat ataturk's dumlupinar journey
Intercity Railways

Victory Train at Dumlupınar Cemetery

About 500 people from Uşak went to Dumlupınar Martyrdom by train and visited. In the event organized by the Uşak Municipality on the occasion of the 18 March Çanakkale Victory and Martyrs' Day, many citizens went to Dumlupınar Martyrs' Cemetery by train. [more…]

karakurt the first turkish locomotive

Turkey's Land Trains

The historical land trains, which have an important past in Turkey and have been used for transportation and transportation for years after 1866, have almost destroyed not the burden of years, but abandonment. Many people who were put on hold at the Uşak train station [more…]


The goal is to keep the black train movies

The aim is not to keep the black train in the movies: Naci Akdağ, one of the three people who can drive this train, is raising young people in this field, in order to keep the steam locomotive tradition that we are used to seeing only in movies alive. Turkey's mobile [more…]


80 Annual Wood Wagon Burned In Butler

In UŞAK, an empty wagon caught fire in the area where the historical black trains, which were scrapped and stood idle, were also located. Today at 02.15:XNUMX, on the side of the Uşak-Ulubey highway, the historical land trains are idle. [more…]