Single Card Period Begins in Manisa

Manisalılar, MASKİ General Directorate and MANULAŞ in cooperation with the city transport and water meter counters will now carry out transactions with a single card. The project implemented in the central districts of Manisa [more…]

Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe
16 Bursa

Ropeway Period in Urban Transportation

The cable car network will be expanded in order to eliminate the transportation problems of the people living in the neighborhoods on the southern slopes of Uludağ. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Our people, on the one hand, can reach the city center by using the cable car line without any trouble. [more…]


SAMRAY in Ramadan

Ramadan Abundance in SAMRAY: SAMULAS General Manager Akin Uner, the efficiency of air conditioning in tramways increased the number of passengers 10-12 percent in the month of Ramadan, he said. Air conditioning by companies previously purchased from trams [more…]


There is no rail system in Erzurum

There is no rail system for urban transportation in Erzurum The "Light Rail System" that many politicians and mayors have brought to the agenda for urban transportation in Erzurum for many years will no longer be on the agenda. Many [more…]

07 Antalya

Antalya attacks on public transportation

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Akaydın'ın instructions on the public transportation of Antalya has made attacks on Varsak not only Republic Square, but everywhere in Antalya has become easier public transportation. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning [more…]

almaty light rail

Why Light Rail?

The importance of rail systems in transportation is an indisputable fact. However, it must be admitted that rail system applications are late. In this regard, it could not keep up with the world; While the backbone of urban transportation in the world is based on rail systems, [more…]


Konya tram almost sauna

As the heat felt, the nightmare of the tram returned. Outside the 33-35 degree, the temperature of the tram is felt up to the 40 stream trams almost serve as a sauna. As of June, rising temperatures have been sweltering in Konya. [more…]