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Beyoğlu Metro

Beyoğlu will fill the Metro: Mayor Kadir Topbaş, who realized the Toplu Mass Opening of Investment and Services in Beyoğlu District ıyla with his grandchildren, told the citizens about the projects made in Beyoğlu and Golden Horn. BEYOĞLU SATISFIED TO INVESTMENT AND SERVICE… [more…]

34 Istanbul

Sirkeci is changing

Sirkeci is changing: The face of the historical peninsula is changing. With the removal of suburban trains, 5 coastline between Unkapanı and Yedikule will be reshaped within the framework of the project being worked on for years. The station will be a museum. Tuesday of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly [more…]


Remodeling begins at Unkapanı Bridge

Renovation of the Unkapanı bridge begins: The news that the overpass in the direction of Unkapanı-Galata Bridge, which is one of the most crowded traffic points of Istanbul, has come to collapse due to neglect has aroused a great resonance. After the news [more…]


Traffic stalk in Istanbul restarts

Traffic ordeal in Istanbul begins again: It was stated that the Unkapani and Galata Bridges, which are under the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will be renewed. After the completion of the local election process, the projects planned for Istanbul are being implemented one by one. Istanbul [more…]


Tube tunnel will end without our souls

Our tube tunnel spirit will end before we hear it: Topbaş, who previously announced that the Unkapanı Bridge will be removed and the traffic will be provided with an underground tunnel, said, “The tunnel will be put into service like a surprise. It will be completed without the spirit of Istanbulites.” Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]

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Now in crazy projects

Now it's time for crazy projects: Presidents promised huge projects during the election campaign. Now it's time for action. While giant projects that will ease the traffic in Istanbul draw attention, Gökçek's word “Bosphorus to the Capital” makes the people of Ankara impatient. local elections [more…]


Topbas: Unkapani Bridge will be lifted

Topbaş: Unkapanı Bridge will be lifted. AK Party Istanbul Metropolitan mayor candidate and current president Kadir Topbaş announced that he will remove the Unkapanı Bridge on the Golden Horn if he is re-elected. Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, [more…]

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Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge will open on February 15

Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge will be opened on February 15: Turkey's first metro crossing bridge, Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge, will be opened on February 15. It is integrated with Marmaray by transporting the Istanbul Metro, which provides service between Hacıosman and Şişhane, to Yenikapı. [more…]

halic metro bridge cost and length
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Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge Cost 180 Million TL

The Golden Horn Metro Crossing Bridge, which is expected to enter service this year with Marmaray, was viewed from the air. The Golden Horn Metro Bridge, which will carry 1 million passengers a day, is approximately 200 meters south of the existing Unkapanı Bridge. of the bridge [more…]

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Beyoğlu Tersane Caddesi 7 to be closed to traffic in October

In the written statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, for the establishment of the approach viaduct steel construction scaffolding of the "Haliç Metro Crossing Bridge", which is under construction within the scope of the "Istanbul Metro Yenikapı-Unkapanı Metro Construction Work" of Beyoğlu Tersane Caddesi [more…]