Obstacles Are Getting Up In Traffic

Obstacles Are Leaving in Traffic: Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Communication and Signaling Branch Directorate, used in city traffic traffic warning lamps for disabled citizens 'acoustic sound system pedestrian crossing warning device' installed [more…]

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The stars of Marmaray

Stars of Marmaray: They are both childhood friends and university. Nowadays, giant projects are sent to Turkey. kazanTwo stars standing in front of Turkey are talking about Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe from the bottom of the sea. 5.5 billion dollar giant project [more…]


Samsun light rail system

Samsun light rail system The length of the 1st stage of Samsun Light Rail Transportation System in use is 17,2 km in total between the Station and the University. The system has a maximum speed of 70km/h but average commercial speed [more…]

Where are the bursaray guzyolui stations?
16 Bursa

BursaRay Route Where are there many stations?

Where are the BursaRay Route and how many stations are there?: BursaRay route starts from the Emek Station on the Mudanya Road and the University in the west and converges at the Acemler station. When are BursaRay Expedition times? Then, following the Ankara Road, Kent [more…]

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Lateral Rail System

Can the system that cannot go to university be called a 'rail system'? Don't say, don't try… Where does the Light Rail System start and where does it end? I want to write it for those who do not know… Because there are people from other provinces who come to this beautiful country… [more…]

Eskisehir tram line

About Eskişehir Tram Line

Eskişehir Tram Network is the transportation network in Eskişehir consisting of two lines and a total of 26 stops connecting the two universities of the city. The total line length is 15 km. By UITP (International Public Transport Association) [more…]


Tram and stop disgrace in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality switched to the light rail system to alleviate the load in the city traffic. The worst traffic flow; It was on the University-Karataş route… They said they will finish it in 90 days, they did… It is possible to get to Karataş from inside the university by car… Eee…What [more…]


Tram work turned suffering in Gaziantep

The people of Gaziantep, the municipality started and continued for months to stop the work of a kind of tram reacts. Citizens who expressed that the roads that were damaged before the arrival of the Prime Minister in Antep were made during the 2 days. [more…]


We stayed in the class by train

Turkey ranks second to last with 21 percent in passenger transport and 2.3 percent in freight transport among 4.4 European countries. Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Turkey's international statistics [more…]

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Removing the Metrobus Overpass in Hunters

As part of the Metrobus line works, the overpass connecting to the metrobus last stop in Avcılar is being removed. An underpass will be built in place of the removed overpass and this area will be used as an additional lane to the road. kazanwill be raised. Istanbul Metropolitan [more…]


We Suggested to Gaziantep, Istanbul Captured!

Enerji Bir-Sen Gaziantep Branch President Ali Yücel stated that they shared with the Gaziantep public that the solution to Gaziantep's traffic problem could only be possible with Havaray months ago, but Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the authorities did not know about Havaray. [more…]


Glowing star on rail systems

It is reported that Eskişehir is the city that takes the most serious steps in the field of rail systems with its deep-rooted industrial accumulation, project producing institutions, universities and experienced and trained labor force. Turkey Locomotive and Engine [more…]

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Young girl hit the tram

Fatih University 19 year-old student girl, was injured as a result of the tram hit. Sultan Aslı Nur (19), a student of Istanbul Medical School, was trying to cross the tramway near the Çapa tram stop, in the direction of Sirkeci. [more…]