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Grevde insistence is an ordeal

The insistence of the strike was an ordeal for the people of İzmir: The failure of the trains due to the İZBAN strike interferes with the transportation. Dogan AK Party, the Ministry has entered into action, but the union's rejection of the proposal provided a serious wage increase, Izmir said [more…]


Description of the Public Workers

Açıkbaştan Statement Regarding Railway Employees: State Railways 5th Regional Representative İzzet Açıkbaş, who argued that seasonal workers working in railways are victims, said that employees' personal rights should be improved. country on State Railways [more…]

cemal yaman

TÜVASAŞ Will Return to Taşerona

TURK-İŞ Provincial Representative Cemal Yaman, Head of the Railway Trade Union Branch, said that TÜVASAŞ, an 700 employee, will return to the Subcontractor factory at the end of the next 5 year. Cemal Yaman, TÜVASAŞ opened in 1952 [more…]

Railway Trade Union
35 Izmir

Railway-İş Union İZBAN Press Release

Distinguished members of the press, First of all, we would like to thank all of you for your interest in our Collective Bargaining Negotiations which are still ongoing on this hot summer day. Our union, a first in our country, production [more…]


We stayed in the class by train

Turkey ranks second to last with 21 percent in passenger transport and 2.3 percent in freight transport among 4.4 European countries. Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB) Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Turkey's international statistics [more…]


TÜVASAŞa liquidation

Cihad Koray, Deputy Chairman of Transportation-Sen, said that TÜVASAŞ was included in the scope of liquidation and said that the move to move the factory to Ferizli is also a part of this initiative. [more…]