alpine discipline anatolian cup races completed
25 Erzurum

Alpine Skiing Anatolian Cup Races Completed

The "FIS Alpine Skiing Anatolian Cup", which is included in the 2020-2021 Activity program of the Turkish Ski Federation, was completed with the races held today. Turkey, the organization that witnessed the struggle of 9 athletes from 40 countries for 4 days against their quota. [more…]

Intensive work for akdag ski center
07 Antalya

Intensive Study for Akdağ Ski Center

With the instruction of Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel, the road to the area where Akdağ Ski Center will be built was opened with the work of science teams. After the road work, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Turkey Ski [more…]

the ski-to-run fis trophy ended
14 Bolu

Skiing FIS Cup Ended in Gerede

Turkey Ski Federation International Ski Cross 2019 Activity program located in the FIS Cup competitions ended in the town of Bolu Gerede. On the last day of the competitions organized at the Arkut Skiing Center in Gerede, women [more…]

back to the skiing kisu fis coupe starts
14 Bolu

Skiing FIS Cup Begins in Gerede

Turkey Ski Federation 2019 Activity program and is located in the Ski Run organized every year the FIS Cup International Competitions will be held in the district of Bolu Geremi on January 5 6-2019. Gerede Arkut With Ski [more…]

38 Kayseri

World Snowboard Cup Starts in Erciyes

World Snowboard Cup Begins in Erciyes: Erciyes stage, the last stage of Istikbal FIS Snowboard World Cup, which will bring together the most successful athletes of the world, will be held tomorrow. An introductory meeting was held in Erciyes before the championship. [more…]

38 Kayseri

Breaths Held in Erciyes

Breaths were held in Erciyes: March for the second time this year 4 which will be held at Erciyes FIS Snowboard World Cup countdown begins, world famous snowboarders began training at Erciyes the track for the first time in Turkey's history ... [more…]

36 Kars

Future champions Sarıkamışta entered the camp

The champions of the future entered the camp in Sarıkamış: As part of the 2016-2017 activity program of the Turkish Ski Federation, the summer conditioning camp of the snowboard children-1 and juniors team started in Sarıkamış, Kars. Accommodating in a hotel in Cebiltepe Ski Center [more…]

38 Kayseri

The future of skiing was discussed in Hacılar

The future of skiing was discussed in Hacılar: Deputy Chairman of Turkish Ski Federation Fatih Kıyıcı and members of the Board of Directors came to Kayseri. Deputy Chairman Kıyıcı, representatives of ski sports clubs operating in Kayseri and Hacılar Municipality [more…]

43 Kütahya

Establishment of a ski resort in Kütahya

Efforts to establish a ski center in Kütahya: Turkish Ski Federation (TKF) President Erol Yarar said that Murat Mountain in the Gediz district of Kütahya could become one of Turkey's important ski resorts. Kütahya Governor Şerif Yılmaz, [more…]

08 Artvin

Skiing as a development project

Skiing as a development project: Hüseyin Pehlivan, Member of the Board of the Turkish Ski Federation, aims to make Turkey a country where skiing can be done at international standards within the framework of the 12-year development plan of the federation [more…]

25 Erzurum

Aslı Nemutlu Would Be 22 Years Old

If Aslı Nemutlu had lived, she would have been 22 years old: National skier Aslı Nemutlu, who lost her life by hitting the wooden snow curtains on the side of the track while training at Konaklı Ski Center in Erzurum 4 years ago, had been 22 years old. [more…]

38 Kayseri

Snowboarding excitement in Erciyes

Snowboard excitement in Erciyes: The 2016 FIS Snowboard PGS World Cup Championship will be held in Kayseri on February 26-28. World-renowned snowboarders, 2016 FIS Snowboard PGS, which will be held in Kayseri Erciyes Ski Center this weekend [more…]

38 Kayseri

90 Athletes to Participate in Snowboard World Cup

90 Athletes Will Participate in the Snowboard World Cup: The final leg of the 'FIS Snowboard World Cup' organized by the International Ski Federation (FIS) will be held on February 27 with the support of the Turkish Ski Federation, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality and Erciyes A.Ş. [more…]

12 Bingol

Ski First Bingol in Turkey

Ski First Bingol in Turkey: Turkey K2 U18 ladies league Alpine Skiing Competition in Bingol successful athletes representing the Melodies Buls, Turkey was the first. Erzurum Palandöken Skiing Ski Federation by Turkey [more…]

14 Bolu

The Silent Turkey Cross Country Races

Hundreds of athletes from 48 provinces participated in the B League Ski Races held in our Gerede district. The competitions, which are among the planned activities of the Ski Federation, were held quietly the previous day. One of Turkey's longest ski running tracks [more…]

69 Bayburt

Bayburt Ski Competition was held

Bayburt Ski Competition Held: Alpine Skiing Bayburt Provincial Championship races organized by the Turkish Ski Federation have been completed. Alpine Skiing Bayburt Provincial Championship races organized by the Turkish Ski Federation have been completed. Ski Federation, [more…]

25 Erzurum

Erdoğan Üstünsoylu Sarıkamış Ski Cup

Erdoğan Üstünsoylu Sarıkamış Ski Cup: In the International Erdoğan Üstünsoylu Sarıkamış Ski Cup organized by the Turkish Ski Federation (TKF), Benjamin Szollos from Hungary came first in men and Maria Kirkova from Bulgaria in women's. Great in Palandoken Ski Center [more…]

25 Erzurum

Palandöken Alpine Skiing Cup was held

Palandöken Alpine Ski Cup was held: The 22nd International Palandöken Alpine Ski Cup Races organized by the Turkish Ski Federation were held in Erzurum. Federation President Benefit; “Our bar remains high until we get the 2026 Olympics. [more…]

25 Erzurum

Alpine Race K1 League Races

Alpine Skiing K1 League Races: Alpine Skiing K1 League Races organized in Erzurum by the Turkish Ski Federation have ended. In the races held in 5 categories at Palandoken Ski Center, 13 skiers from 90 regions ranked [more…]