Repair the signaling system

Repair the signaling system: Some drivers who want to reactivate the crashed traffic signaling system say, “Invisible accidents are unavoidable without signaling”. DRIVES DEPRESSED The signaling system, which is the target of the [more…]


Speed ​​limits have been redefined in Afyon

Speed ​​limits were re-determined in Afyon: Speed ​​limits were re-determined in Afyonkarahisar, which was selected as the pilot province in radar speed control. Regions where the speed limit is 70 kilometers per hour Turgut Özal Boulevard, İzmir Point Junction [more…]


New project will be suitable for light rail system

Turgut Özal boulevard will change the face of the new arrangement work 'light rail' system will be made according to. THE INFRASTRUCTURE WILL BE SUITABLE FOR THE RAIL SYSTEM The new Turgut Özal Boulevard project, which was tendered the previous day, created excitement in the city, [more…]