truck and tractor garage are in service
20 Denizli

Truck and TIR Garage Enter Service

The operation of the Truck and Truck Garage, which was completed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality in order to prevent irregular parking of trucks and trucks in the city center and to relieve city traffic, has been awarded to Denizli Transporters Assistance and Solidarity Association. [more…]


Denizli Gets Modern Garage Garage

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has completed the construction of the truck and truck garage project in order to prevent the irregular parking of trucks and trucks in the city center and to relax the city traffic. Service soon [more…]


Truck Garage Will Relieve Denizli's Traffic

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has come to an end in its truck and lorry park project, which it has implemented in order to prevent irregular parking of trucks and trucks in the city center and to relieve city traffic. Relieve the traffic in Denizli [more…]

35 Izmir

İZBAN Train and Excavation Truck Collided

İZBAN Train and Earthmoving Truck Collided: The excavation truck, which entered the level crossing uncontrollably in the Torbalı district of İzmir, collided with the İZBAN train in motion. Uncontrolled entrance to the level crossing in Torbalı district of İzmir [more…]

34 Istanbul

Free Towing Service to Citizens from IMM

Free Towing Service from IMM to Citizens: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, free towing service at certain points of the city in order to intervene immediately to the vehicles on the road and to minimize the disruptions in traffic. [more…]

61 Australia

Tram and truck collide in Australia 29 injured

Tram and truck collided in Australia 29 Injured: It was reported that 29 people were injured as a result of the collision of the tram and truck in Melbourne, Australia. The accident happened at 8.00:XNUMX local time at the level crossing near Melbourne Zoo. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Truck Hits the Railroad in Manisa

Truck Takes to the Railroad Road in Manisa: Near Saruhanlı's Nuriye Mahallesi Junction, the truck driver overturned on the train track as a result of the loss of steering control. According to the information received, Tolga Çoban, who was going from Akhisar to Manisa, [more…]

3. Airport
34 Istanbul

Remarkable Choreography at the 3rd Airport

Attractive choreography at the 3rd Airport :3. Airport employees wrote “93” on trucks and celebrated the 93rd anniversary of the Republic Day. Employees at the 3rd Airport, one of the most important projects in Turkey, wrote “93” on trucks to celebrate the 93rd Republic Day [more…]


Bridge and Highway Prices Raised

Bridge and Highway Prices Have Been Raised: The prices of "bridges and highways", which were last increased in 2012, were increased by 3 percent, effective as of January 16. Bridge and highway tolls from January 3 [more…]