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MMO: The Cause of Trolley Accidents

About the accident that occurred when a tram from behind hit the tram waiting at Eyüpsultan-Topçular stop on 13 March, and the subsequent derailment of the tram that made its way on the Topkapı-Habibler tram line on 15 March at the Topkapı stop. [more…]


Prevention of Tram Accidents in Samsun

Prevention for Tram Accidents in Samsun: Kadir Gürkan, Head of Transportation Department of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, said that they will implement the 'safe urban transportation' project in order to prevent accidents involving trams in the rail system. [more…]


Tramway Accidents and Mitigation Measures

As a type of urban rail systems, the rate of accidents in the tram is higher than other urban rail systems. In this study, the effective reasons for the occurrence of tram accidents are also mentioned and the statistical results in different countries are mentioned. [more…]