tier carpti
48 Poland

Train Crashes in Poland

In Poland, the driver of a truck carrying an excavator broke the barrier of the level crossing and tried to cross the railway and hit a train in his trailer. The moment of the accident was reflected in the security camera. Event in Zbaszyn region in Greater Poland Voivodeship, west of Poland [more…]

public transport in old istanbul moral
34 Istanbul

Public Transport Ethics in Old Istanbul

As you know, in order to get on the subway vehicles more easily, priority should be given to those descending, not only for the comfort of the passengers, but also for the comfort of passengers who want to get out of the vehicle. Also landing and [more…]

Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Campaigns
06 Ankara

Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Campaigns

Organization of Feast of Sacrifice for YHT Expedition: Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that citizens who want to travel by train due to the Feast of Sacrifice are not victims and to meet the demand of passengers [more…]

tcddden new tourist express line more
06 Ankara

Two More Touristic Express Lines

Two New Touristic Express Lines: TCDD, which started the Ankara-Kars touristic East Express flights, aims to offer two more trains with these features. According to Olcay Aydilek from Habertürk, the Ministry of Transportation, [more…]

tiny feet at tcddden meaningful visit
16 Bursa

TCDD Significant Visit to Little Feet

Private Little Feet Kindergarten has produced a new project with the vision of education. “Education is the kitchen of life. Educators are exceptional chefs who determine what will come out of this kitchen. The standard of each dish [more…]

mechanic theft of train wagons in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Mechanical Parts Theft from Train Wagons in Eskisehir

750 person who was caught with the suspicion that they stole various mechanical parts of the railway wagons belonging to the Turkish State Railways in Eskişehir with a value of approximately 2 thousand pounds was taken into custody. According to information received, Eskişehir Provincial Gendarmerie Command [more…]