Why are trains
06 Ankara

Why Trains Collide?

Due to road renewal works between Kayaş and Sincan, the signaling system at the scene was temporarily canceled. The fact that the signaling system has not been activated even though the line has been renewed and put into service is an issue that needs to be explained. Railway statistics [more…]

06 Ankara

Train Disaster Could Not Be in Ankara

Bakanlık The control locomotive was not supposed to be on that track, Bakanlık the ministry said. No, that locomotive was just the right track to check on its name. It was the High Speed ​​Train that shouldn't have been there. Train o [more…]

34 Spain

Fast Train Was Fast Coffin

Fast Train Becomes Fast Coffin: The train accident in Spain is a copy of the accelerated train accident where we lost 41 in Sakarya. The dynamics of the two accidents described by the authorities as “overspeed aynı are the same: fast / accelerated on the conventional rail track [more…]

420 Czech Republic

Red Hat to Dispatchers in the Czech Republic

Red Hats for Demobilization Officers in the Czech Republic In the Czech Republic, dispatchers are returning to their former lofty looks. The “red hat” has regained its former position after 13 years. From 1 July according to current practice [more…]