35 Izmir

Nationless Machinists in Izmir

Unqualified Machinists Set Off in Izmir Railway workers left their jobs in Izmir and went on strike. Many trains did not move. TCDD set off unqualified intern machinists, ignoring the safety of passengers to break the strike [more…]

34 Istanbul

TCDD Employees Protest New Bill

Workers Protest New Law Draft TCDD Haydarpasa Railway Station was a coming together of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) employees, protested the Parliament referred the Draft Law on the Liberalization of railways. Turkish Transportation-Sen [more…]

01 Adana

Life Stops In Adana Station (Photo Gallery)

He stopped at the station of life in Adana Turkey after sending the bill to Parliament on Liberalization of Railway Transport, railway employees because of the strike that began in Adana Railway Station in most of the trains experienced delays. United Transportation Workers [more…]

railway workers on strike today

Railway Workers on Strikes Today

Railway workers left their jobs all over Turkey today. While the workers demanded the withdrawal of the draft law that foresees the privatization of TCDD, TCDD declared that the action was "unfair" and would work to prevent disruption of the flights. Railway workers in Turkey today [more…]


Day of Strike on Railways

Railway workers strike days in railways, Turkey began the withdrawal of the pending bill to be enacted in Parliament tonight with liberalization in the name of railways in order to strike from throughout Turkey. TCDD declared the strike illegal. [more…]