story train stations
1 America

Hikayeli Train Stations

Imagine a train station, there is a turtle living in it, and a giant clock on its roof… Here is the magnificent train, which welcomes thousands of people every day and is the closest witness of farewell and meeting moments. [more…]

07 Antalya

Fast train will pass tangential to Antalya

High-speed train will pass Antalya tangentially: AK Party Antalya Deputy Sadık Badak criticized the high-speed train contradiction of the Metropolitan Municipality and the past 40 years of the zoning plan, saying, “According to the proposal of the Metropolitan Municipality, the high-speed train will bring Antalya. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Harem and Sirkeci stations.

Mustafa Yürekli talks about waiting for our Balkan, Caucasian and Middle Eastern trains at Sirkeci and Harem stations built by Sultan Abdulhamit. When I realized that they would not come, your destruction.. And your hope! When I go to the train stations in Istanbul, I am badly shaken. [more…]