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54 Sakarya

Description of Valilikten Gar Market

Adapazarı Railway Station was established and caused a great response to the market place Governor's Office made a statement in the Governor's statement; Bazı In some media organs published in our province; “Reactions to the Gar Market are growing. Here [more…]


TCDD Ruins Disturb Eskişehir

TCDD's old housing and workshop buildings in Eskişehir city center are in ruins. This image of the buildings, which have become a haunt of Tinerciler and orphans, does not suit Eskişehir. Train disturbing [more…]

dalaman train station
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Dalaman Train Station

There is a station in Dalaman, Muğla. So far, neither a train arrives nor a single ticket has been purchased at the box office. The summary of his story with a single word ıklık confusion kelime [more…]

story train stations
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Hikayeli Train Stations

Imagine a train station and a turtle living in it, a huge clock on its roof… Here is the magnificent train that welcomes thousands of people every day, the closest witness to farewell and meeting moments. [more…]

06 Ankara

Holidays have gone out

Feast holiday 10 day, overwhelmed by the noise of the city, the people of Ankara, flocked to the bus and train station to spend the holiday on the Mediterranean coast, the decision of the Council of Ministers to the total 10 Day of Sacrifice holiday, [more…]

10 Balikesir

The arrival of. Anniversary Celebrated

Atatürk 's arrival in Balikesir 94. Anniversary Celebrated: Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk 's arrival in Balikesir 94. The anniversary was celebrated with a ceremony held at Balıkesir Train Station. WE WILL TAKE THE FLAG THAT WE GET UP ABOVE Gazi Mustafa Kemal [more…]

06 Ankara

Barrier-free train station

Unimpeded railway station: Transport Minister Arslan, view of the train station resembling the space visited the station. Minister Arslan said, Ankara We have thought of everything for disabled people. An unobstructed station. Percent [more…]