06 Ankara

Train Disaster Could Not Be in Ankara

Bakanlık The control locomotive was not supposed to be on that track, Bakanlık the ministry said. No, that locomotive was just the right track to check on its name. It was the High Speed ​​Train that shouldn't have been there. Train o [more…]

Intercity Railways

Customization means Train Disaster!

Railway workers wrote their views on the train accident that resulted in the death of 24 people in Çorlu to the readers of the newspaper Evrensel. A group of workers from the railways, readers of the newspaper Hello Evrensel, have been working on the railways for a long time. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Expressions of Mechinists Related to the Train Accident

Two mechanics were summoned to the prosecutor's office to take their statements regarding the train accident in which 24 people died in Tekirdağ. The first statements of the 2 mechanics appeared. Saying that they were going at a speed of 2-100 kilometers, the mechanics said, “We felt the shaking and [more…]

216 Tunisia

Tunusta train disaster 18 dead, 98 injured

Train disaster in Tunisia 18 dead, 98 injured: In Tunisia, 18 people died and 98 were injured as a result of the passenger train crashing into a truck on the rails. Passenger train arriving from the city of Kafour to the Capital Tunis, the capital [more…]

91 India

India train disaster (Photo Gallery)

Train disaster in India: District manager Kundan Kumar, who made a statement about the first accident in the town of Chhapra, said that at least 11 people were derailed when the 4 wagon of the Rajdhani Express passenger train derailed. [more…]

91 India

Train disaster in India: 47 dead

At least 47 people died in a fire on a train in India. It was stated that the incident occurred in Nellore, about 500 kilometers south of the city of Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, and that the fire was thought to have been caused by a short circuit. [more…]