safer roads are safer with plating studies
10 Balikesir

Ayvalık Roads are Safer with Plate Works

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality carried out plating activities in Ayvalık to ensure traffic safety on the roads under its responsibility. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail Systems Department teams, in traffic in Ayvalık district; pedestrian, [more…]

Traffic Training with Trafiko Very Fun
41 Kocaeli

Traffic Training with Trafiko Very Fun

The fact that children are educated individuals in public transport and traffic is of great importance for future generations. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 2019-2020 Education and Training in Public Transport Behavior and Traffic Safety Training in schools [more…]

new vehicles of the general directorate of highways were put into service
03 Afyonkarahisar

General Directorate of Highways Launched New Vehicles

Minister Turhan spoke at the ceremony held by the General Directorate of Highways (KGM) for the commissioning of snow-fighting and road maintenance machines this year. The ongoing road in Turkey's transportation field with the understanding of “Let the wheels turn, let the vehicles move” [more…]

road lines increase traffic safety
54 Sakarya

Road Lines Improve Traffic Safety

The Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues its road marking activities that increase traffic safety throughout the city and facilitate the regular transportation of vehicles. Within this scope, 2019 kilometer-long thermoplastic line was [more…]

traffic safety studies in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Traffic Safety Work Continues in Eskişehir

Work continues for traffic safety in Eskişehir. The teams affiliated to Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, Traffic Branch Directorate, are working on the road line painting of the asphalt roads in the city center and the rural areas of the district. [more…]

high level of security on roads
45 Manisa

Kula Road Safety Top Level

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has increased the safety on the roads to the next level with its hot asphalt and surface coating works in Kula district, new and modern roads to the district. kazannagged. In the district, 4 million in the last 23 years [more…]


Traffic Safety and Cooperation Meeting

Traffic Safety and Cooperation Meeting: Within the scope of the "Traffic Safety Cooperation Protocol" signed between the General Directorate of Security and related institutions within the framework of the Highways Traffic Safety Action Plan, the "Information Sharing and Evaluation Regional Meeting" was held. [more…]


Traffic tire inspection of winter tires

Winter tire inspection from traffic teams: In Edirne, the teams of the Directorate of Traffic Supervision Branches of the Provincial Police Department conducted a winter tire check to ensure traffic safety at the toll booths. Edirne, Provincial Police Department Traffic Control [more…]


Bridge crossing level at Ergana

Ergani level crossing bridge is being built: Ergani district level crossing bridge is being made.Ergani Governor Erdinc Yilmaz, said in a statement, Highways 9. As a result of the protocol signed with State Railways within the scope of group bridges of Regional Directorate, [more…]