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Agenda Trabzon Railway at TSIAD

Agenda Trabzon Railway at TSIAD; Trabzon Industrialists and Business People Association's weekly board meeting of Trabzon Erzincan Railway Platform member, Ortahisar and Metropolitan Municipality Council member Mustafa Yaylalı attended. President of TSİAD [more…]

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Erzincan-Trabzon Railway Works in Progress

It has been stated that the studies on the survey and implementation project of the Erzincan-Trabzon railway have started. Platform SözcüSü Şaban Bülbül zarar related to the interruption of non-starting investments due to the economic crisis bir [more…]

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Where should the Garage in Trabzon

Şaban Bülbül, Chairman of the Trabzon Branch of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, made suggestions about the place where the Erzincan-Trabzon Railway, for which the project tender will be held, will meet with Trabzon. Erzincan-Trabzon Railway, which will be tendered for the project in the coming days, will reach Trabzon. [more…]


Erzincan-Trabzon Railway Route Becomes Certain

Official from the routes discussed in the Erzincan-Trabzon Railway project kazanIt was learned that the only route at the moment was the line between Erzincan-Gümüşhane-Trabzon. The ones that are planned in the projects section on the official website of the Republic of Turkey State Railways are in the railways projects in Erzincan-Trabzon. [more…]

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Gümüşhane Railway Platform

The Gumushane City Council made a proposal to the Municipal Assembly for the establishment of a railway platform in Gumushane. 5 “Trabzon - Erzincan Railway Platform kurulan which was established on February 2010 and has been active since then. [more…]


Trabzon Railway accelerates

Trabzon Railway accelerates: City Council President remarks to the Minister Soylu Trabzon City Council President and Trabzon Erzincan Railway Platform SözcüSüleyman Soylu, Minister of Labor and Social Security [more…]


Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Platform Meeting

Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TTSO) Chairman of the Board M.Suat Hacısalihoğlu said that the construction of the Trabzon-Erzincan Railway, which is a strategic project, has become a necessity for the region. Trabzon-Erzincan Railway Platform, Trabzon-Erzincan [more…]