Tale of a Tram!

I didn't know if I should start the article by saying that there was once or nothing... The regulars of Hello Newspaper know, the last 4 days of our newspaper's headline was the trams of Konya. We searched every inch of the trams. Thank you brother Kerem, a little more [more…]

35 Izmir

In the heart of İZBAN city

Torbalılılar waiting for the excitement of the High Speed ​​train is moving at full speed. Rail laying and sleeper placement work reached the city center. The works will be completed in 1 months The process is fast on the İZBAN line extended from CUMAOVASI to Torbalı [more…]

44 UK

London meets the cable car

In recent years, the people of London, who have experienced troubles due to crowds in public transportation, are waiting for a tough month. London, which hosts the 2012 Summer Olympics, is worried that traffic will lock up. British Prime Minister David Cameron during the Olympics [more…]