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Why are Metrobuses burning

Why are the Metrobus burning: The last day after a metrobus burned in Şirinevler in March last year, the empty metrobus near the Topkapı Metrobus station burned eyes on public transport. [more…]

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Transportation projects increased real estate prices

Transportation projects have increased real estate prices: Transportation projects, which all Istanbul residents have been waiting for with great enthusiasm, have increased the value of the regions on their route. The construction of the Third Bosphorus Bridge and the Eurasia Tunnel, which is expected to relieve Istanbul traffic, is in full swing. [more…]

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What should be Haydarpasa?

The nostalgic memories of Haydarpaşa station are endless. Haydarpaşa station is one of the main gates where those coming from Anatolia enter Istanbul and those who leave from Istanbul exit; Its nostalgic traces and location are as strong as its architecture. [more…]

Istanbul road and traffic conditions
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Solution Suggestions for Istanbul Traffic

Urbanist Prof. Dr. Ahmet Vefik Alp suggested that urban traffic could be solved with the "Çemberyol", "Çemberray" and "TransMar" systems he developed. prof. Dr. Alp, in his written statement, said that Istanbul transportation is increasing day by day. [more…]

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Eyup-Piyerloti Cable Car Line

Eyüp is one of the projects initiated by the Piyerlotiİ.BB Presidency within the scope of the Urban Design Project, which was initiated for the restoration of the Golden Horn, with the Eyüp - Pierre Loti Cable Car. [more…]

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Test drive started in Beylikdüzü metrobus line

Trial flights on the Avcılar-Beylikdüzü metrobus line, which had been expected for months and were postponed due to the collapse of the bridge in Avcılar, started today. After the technical voyages, passenger trials were conducted for passenger capacity and demand. [more…]

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Avcılar stop passengers in front of the metrobus cut

Some of the passengers descending to the platform Avcılar stop, metrobus wanted to close the road to traffic. There was a discussion between the passengers and officials. As a result of the collapse of the metrobus bridge Avcılar metrobus began to work. Hunters descending the platform at the stop [more…]

Kabatas Bagcilar Tram
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T1 Bagcilar Kabataş line

T1 Bagcilar Kabataş Line: ZeytinburnuKabataş The Sirkeci-Aksaray-Topkapı section of the tram line serving between the cities was opened in 1992, the Topkapı-Z.burnu section was opened in March 1994 and the Sirkeci-Eminönü section was opened in April 1996. The first part [more…]

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Metrobus hit barriers in Avcılar

4 people were injured in a traffic accident in Avcılar. The car with license plate 100 UH 34 under the direction of Ekber Özcan, going from the D-6621 Highway to the direction of Topkapı, hit the concrete foot of the Avcılar Bridge as a result of the driver's loss of steering control. [more…]

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Metrobus road crashed badly

The vehicle with license plate 5 GG 34, which was traveling on the E-6881 Highway Avcılar direction, rolled over and entered the Zeytinburnu metrobus station. The absence of the metrobus at the time of the accident prevented the disaster. Take a quick ride from Topkapı to Avcılar on the E-5. [more…]

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T4 Habibler - Topkapi Line

17 The T2007 tram, which was commissioned in September 4 and serves between Şehitlik-Mascid-i Selam and 18 in March 2009, provides service to the 15,3 km line after the Edirnekapı-Topkapı stage was put into service on March 4. TXNUMX [more…]