Intercity Railways

It is necessary to connect the railway to Giresunda

It is a must to connect the Giresunda Railway to the Seaway Giresun Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman Hasan Çakırmelikoğlu drew attention to the importance of the transportation network in the economic and social development of Giresun. "THE RAILWAY TO BE CONNECTED TO THE PORT" President of TSO [more…]


The railway passes through Tirebol

The railway will pass through Tirebolu and the planned railway to the Black Sea continues to experience new developments and explanations every day. In this context, Sedat PİR, the head of the Giresun/Tirebolu harşit valley railway platform, made some statements. [more…]

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Tirebolu Harbor and Tabriz Railway

Tirebolu Harbor and Tabriz Railway Just thinking about the idea of ​​Tirebolu Harbor and Tabriz Railway is enough to get people excited. The beautiful town of Tirebolu with Tabriz, the world's largest Turkish city after Istanbul [more…]