06 Ankara

TCDD 161. Celebrate Year with Chess Tournament

An award-winning chess tournament will be held at Ankara YHT Station due to the 161st anniversary of the establishment of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD). Award-Winning Chess at Ankara YHT Station on 161-14 October 15 due to the 2017st anniversary of TCDD [more…]

Intercity Railways

What's going on on the railways?

Privatization is a historical description: yatırım There is no investment in an institution that will not be sold. ”” What does that mean? Gib Recall the Zonguldak Coal Plant, where not even a nail is near the 40 year. Then Eti [more…]


TCDD is attempting to scour fake documents

TCDD is being tried to be slandered with fake documents: It has been revealed that TCDD, which was selected as the target in the operation to design politics on 17 December, was tried to be slandered with fake documents. The institution has not yet entered the tender, which is said to have been corrupt! 17 and [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpasa was a disco

Haydarpaşa became a disco: Haydarpaşa Train Station, which is registered as a first-degree historical monument by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board, will be rented for special occasions such as weddings and New Year's, and transforming it into an entertainment center will damage the historical structure. [more…]


TCDD 18 has defined the profession

TCDD 18 made the definition of the profession General Manager of TCDD Süleyman Karaman spoke at the closing meeting of UY Establishment of UYS and VOC-TEST Center in Railway Sector Project Proj. - CD Only 45 thousand euros of the cost was paid by TCDD Foundation ” [more…]