public transport in old istanbul moral
34 Istanbul

Public Transport Ethics in Old Istanbul

As you know, in order to get on the subway vehicles more easily, priority should be given to those descending, not only for the comfort of the passengers, but also for the comfort of passengers who want to get out of the vehicle. Also landing and [more…]

mmo bursa
16 Bursa

MMO Bursa Branch's Interview with Rail Systems in Bursa

TMMOB Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch Active Retirement Commission conducted by the elders of the profession to the young colleagues to share their experiences with young colleagues continue. In the interview titled ler Rail Systems in Bursa Makina, Mechanical Engineer Taha Aydın colleagues [more…]

2 phase of the first driverless metro line was urgent turkiyenin uskudar Çekmeköy

Gebzeeye Driverless Metro Coming

1 tender for the Gebze metro line to be held by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will be held in February. The latest technology will be used in the project 4. Located at the automation level (GoA4) will provide fully automatic driverless subway service. High performance, high [more…]


First Step for Gebze Metro Construction

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality pressed the button for the metro line projected on the Gebze-Darıca line. The feasibility studies were completed and the project was brought to the tender stage. Next month for 15.6 kilometer line that will run between Gebze and Darıca [more…]

35 Izmir

Temporary traffic regulation in Halkapınar

The construction works of the "Halkapinar Underground Storage Facility", where 95 metro vehicles purchased by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to develop the rail system fleet, will be stored, continue. In this context, starting from Saturday, July 29, [more…]

35 Izmir

Change in the traffic flow of Martyrs Avenue

Change in the traffic flow of Şehitler Caddesi: Due to the construction of the underground storage facility to be built in Halkapınar for the new metro vehicles, the traffic flow in the region has been changed since Saturday. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Rail System [more…]