Two Academic Assignments from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Transportation
34 Istanbul

Transportation in Istanbul is Entrusted to Academics

Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), continues to form his colleagues from the expert staff as promised during the election process. Imamoglu, the promise of increasing the level of women in the executive level is also implemented.Ekrem Imamoglu, [more…]

canray signature in electric national train project
54 Sakarya

Canray Signature in Electric National Train Project

Canray Transportation, the company where Yeşilova Holding crowned 44 years of aluminum experience in rail systems sector, became one of the project partners of Electric National Train which will be realized in cooperation with TÜVASAŞ. TÜVASAŞ was introduced to life in 2019 [more…]

06 Ankara

Blood News in Ankara Metro Saves Lives

Blood announcements on the Ankara Subway Save Life: With the announcements made at Kızılay Metro Station, the blood needs of emergency patients are immediately answered. Hundreds of thousands of people use it every day at the Kızılay Metro common station. [more…]

new york subway will be the best in the world
1 America

New York Metro to be the Best in the World

The technology revolution will take place in the New York subway, which is known as one of the oldest subway networks in the world. Accelerating efforts to modernize the New York subway, officials announced the city's subway in their new five-year road plan. [more…]

256 Uganda

We will build a rail system in Uganda

We will build a rail system in Uganda: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a speech for the third time in a day during his visit to Uganda during his contacts in Africa. Addressing businessmen, Erdogan said, rail systems and subway systems in Uganda [more…]

34 Istanbul

Waiting for subway

Beylikdüzü is waiting for the subway: Real estate market 2 The popular district of Istanbul, which has an appreciation of 50 per year, is looking for a solution to the transportation problem. CHP Mayor Erkem İmamoğlu emphasized that the district needs a transportation revolution [more…]

34 Istanbul

Prime Minister Erdogan opened the Basaksehir metro line

Prime Minister Erdoğan opened the metro line Başakşehir Erdoğan, Bus Station-Bagcilar-Mahmutbey-Olimpiyatköyü-Başakşehir Metro line opened, "Marmaray opened from one end of Istanbul to the other end of the 89 minutes to go," he said. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Istanbul's most important transportation [more…]


Rail transit signaling systems

ABSTRACT Fast, punctual and safe transportation is important in Tram, Light Metro (LRT) and Metro systems. This is ensured by safety and punctuality signaling systems. The signaling system is the same as the security systems in aircraft in rail systems [more…]

34 Istanbul

Countdown started in Marmaray project

Tunnel works have been completed. Rails were laid to connect Asia to Europe. 315 imported trains are waiting for the day they will start operating in Haydarpaşa and Edirne. The countdown has begun in Marmaray, which is described as the project of the century. Project opening date [more…]