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Marmaray project displaces historic bridge

The Marmaray project displaced the historical bridge:KadıköyThe bridge on Uzun Hafız Sokak, which connects Yeldeğirmeni and Ayrılıkçeşme in Turkey, is dismantled within the scope of the works on the railway line between Ayrılıkçeşme-Söğütlüçeşme. It was announced that the bridge will be moved to Haydarpaşa. Marmaray project and [more…]

Marmaray Train Cemetery
34 Istanbul

Marmaray Train Cemetery and Art

Marmaray Train Cemetery: Commuter trains are standing with graffiti graffiti in Haydarpaşa Train Station, which resembles an abandoned train graveyard. 'Graffiti' adorns the suburban trains that are idle at Haydarpaşa Train Station. Completion of Marmaray Project [more…]

haydarpasa train cemetery
34 Istanbul

Haydarpasa Train Cemetery Becomes

Haydarpaşa train graveyard: The trains to the historic Haydarpaşa Train Station ended at 19 June 2013 and the trains abandoned to decay after the dismantling of the rails turned into graffiti's whiteboard İstanbul collective [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Train Station

Train protest at Haydarpaşa Train Station: A group of members of the Haydarpaşa Solidarity protest against the failure to re-run in front of the Haydarpaşa Railway Station, where the suburban train stops 3 years ago and 2 years ago. [more…]


Overpass in Izmit Train Station

The overpass at the Izmit Train Station is unfinished: After the Izmit Train Station was renovated, a new pedestrian overpass was built so that the citizens could go down to the beach over the platforms, with the start of high-speed train and suburban train services. [more…]

Commuter Trains

Communities in Kayseri begin commuter train

Commuter Train Service Starts in Kayseri: Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. which provides information to our team about the latest status of the commuter line. General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu, Incesu-Kayseri as the first stage of the suburban line in May [more…]

34 Istanbul

Commuter train dreaming for months

Commuter train dream for months: TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman, who made a statement last month, said he will start commuter train services that have not been made since 2011 in January. Signaling is still not finished, [more…]

06 Ankara

Istanbul-Ankara YHT Line Test Run Continues

Test Flights Continue on Istanbul-Ankara YHT Line: Work on the High Speed ​​​​Train (YHT) line, which will reduce the Istanbul-Ankara train journey from 7 to 3 hours, has reached the final stage. Istanbul-Ankara train journey will be reduced from 7 to 3 hours [more…]

historical goztepe station is being demolished
34 Istanbul

Historical Göztepe Station is Demolishing

Historical Göztepe Station is demolishing: The 1871 kilometer Haydarpaşa-Pendik commuter train line, which was built in 91, has not been running since June 2013. Within the scope of Marmaray works, the historical stations within the railway line will be renewed. [more…]

34 Spain

Railway Workers in Spain

Railway Workers on Strike in Spain: Workers protesting the separation decision of the two companies in Spain went on a 4-day strike. Railway workers in Spain protesting the internal separation decision of train companies Renfe and Adif [more…]

34 Istanbul

Commuter train service stops in Istanbul

Suburban train services are stopped in Istanbul. Both historical stations are isolated and the public is persuaded that they are dysfunctional. During the construction of the Marmaray Project, at least four years of Istanbul's railway connection with Europe and Anatolia. [more…]