traffic in the stadium
16 Bursa

Stadium Circle Will Relax In Bursa

Bursa Mayor of Bursa Alinur Aktas, making observations around the metropolitan stadium, one of the most critical points of the city traffic, said the work is going to relieve the region meticulously. Bursa Mayor Alinur [more…]

16 Bursa

Rails in Tramway Construction in Bursa

Work continues on building Bursa with iron nets and equipping it with modern transportation vehicles. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality made inspections on the Altiparmak stage of the T1 line, which includes the city square, Stadium, Altiparmak, Statue, Inonu and Uluyol streets [more…]


TULOMSAS should be moved to another place

TÜLOMSAŞ is one of the oldest and largest public institutions in Eskişehir. It was established years ago as the Railways Factory. Years later, it became autonomous. First the name was ELMS, then TULOMSAS. He was out of town in the years it was built. [more…]


Bus Routes in Konya Change Today

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System announced that some buses will change their routes starting from Monday to October 1. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System [more…]

BursaRay Rotterdam Vehicles and Construction
16 Bursa

Used 24 Wagon Used For Sale in Bursa

BURULAŞ, who has difficulties in meeting the wagon needs of Bursaray in the existing lines and in the Kestel line that will be commissioned in the coming months, from the international market, turned to a used vehicle. Previous day General Manager of BURULAŞ Levent Fidansoy [more…]

16 Bursa

Surprise from the Metropolitan: Green Grasshopper tram line

Metropolitan Municipality, as an alternative to the traffic problem of Bursa brought into the agenda Sculpture-Inonu Street-Uluyol-Kent Square-Carsamba Market-Silk-Stadium-Altıparmak-Çakırhamam tram line was the subject of criticism for performing one-way transportation. However, Metropolitan Municipality will realize transportation in two ways [more…]

16 Bursa

The Silk Cabbage Tender

İpekböcek Tram The moment the tender was held: Court: Chamber of Civil Engineers President Necati Şahin makes bold evaluations about the issues on the city agenda. In that sense, we are one of those who care about what you say. Though… sometimes we do not agree with comments [more…]


'New tram' and Metrobus' description to Konya

Haşmet Okur, the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality, stated that the investment plans for the 2012 year were the renovation of the rail system and trams in Konya. Governor Aydın Nezih, the first of the 2012 April Provincial Coordination Board Meetings [more…]