22 Edirne

Edirne, High Speed ​​Train Project turned eyes

Edirne turned its eyes to the High Speed ​​​​Train Project: AK Party Edirne Provincial President İlyas Akmeşe said that investments that will meet the population potential to be transported to Edirne thanks to the high-speed train project should be activated immediately… Edirne, infrastructure [more…]


Developed high-speed train project for students

Developed a high-speed train project for his students: Ömür Akyazı, a lecturer at KTU Abdullah Kanca Vocational High School, established a laboratory in order to draw attention to the problems experienced by students in accessing the school on the coast of Sürmene. [more…]


Cappadocia Tourists from the Georgians

Severe Criticism from Cappadocia Tourism Professionals to Deputy Gürer: "In a reaction to CHP Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, who made a statement that Fairy Chimneys are in danger of collapse for the High Speed ​​Train planned to be built between Antalya and Nevşehir, KAPTİD [more…]


Tarsus Signature Campaign

Signature Campaign for Tarsus Not to be Divided in Two: Reactions continue to the fact that the train line will divide the city into two with the high-speed train project of the State Railways in Tarsus district of Mersin. State Railways in Tarsus district of Mersin. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Are the railways privatized?

Railways are being privatized: With the implementation of the High Speed ​​Train Project, the increase in prices has reduced the number of those who prefer to travel by train. In the past, the price of the longer journey was quite low. About this [more…]


Railway Work in Tarsus

Railway Work in Tarsus: Tarsus Mayor Şevket Can said that the project prepared for the extension of the Adana-Tarsus-Mersin double track railway to 4 lines should be well studied on behalf of Tarsus. Can, the press he organized at a restaurant [more…]

22 Edirne

Bus Train Waiting

Bus driver waiting for high speed train: Deputy Chairman of Turkish Bus Drivers Federation, Chairman of the Board of Altunhan Group of Companies, Mustafa Altunhan, said that the high speed train project should be implemented as soon as possible. [more…]


Durhasan village residents' rebellion

Durhasan Village residents' rebellion of transportation: Durhasan Village residents 4 wants to reclaim the municipal vehicles taken away from them years ago. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation could not find solutions to the problems of the inhabitants of the village connected to Izmit [more…]

34 Istanbul

Haydarpasa Train Station

Haydarpaşa Station gets its trains: The commercial areas in its plans, including Haydarpaşa Station, are cancelled. According to the new plan of the Ministry, the train returns to Haydarpaşa. After being closed within the scope of the High Speed ​​​​Train Project, a large [more…]


TCDD wants more money back

TCDD wants the excess money back: There was an interesting development about the expropriated lands due to the High Speed ​​Train project passing through Kartepe Hikmetiye Village. TCDD, which collects the land, justifies the overpayment [more…]

06 Ankara

China made complaint to the high-speed train project

Complaint made in China to the high-speed train project: ASO complained to the Ministry of Transport of the Chinese company that carried out the high-speed train project because it did not use domestic materials. 51 percent material purchased by the state to support domestic industry [more…]