temsa is being resold so who will buy
34 Istanbul

Temsa Sold Again! So Who Will Buy?

According to the breaking news, 50 percent of Temsa, which struggled with foreclosures after declaring the concordat, will be bought by Sabancı Holding and the other fifty percent by Czech trolleybus manufacturer Skoda. Thus, Sabancı Holding 9 [more…]

volkswagen new factory on the sect of turkiyede
35 Izmir

Volkswagen to Turkey Elects New Factory

German automobile manufacturer Volkswagen AG made its decision in favor of Turkey for its new factory investment. The leading German automobile giant of the world automobile industry, Volkswagen AG, has started working to open a new factory. [more…]

german tudemsasa partnership offer

German Partnership to TÜDEMSAŞ

TÜDEMSAŞ, which has made a name for itself in recent years, has been proposed to make a joint wagon from the German company. Some officials from the company engaged in the production of SKODA Sivas came to the factory said. the Germans [more…]


Trolleybus Distance in Manisa Metropolitan

Trolleybus Work in Manisa Metropolitan Municipality: Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün continues to receive information from the studies prepared by the companies related to the trolleybus project they plan to implement in the city center. Modern in urban transportation [more…]

86 China

Skoda Trams Enter the Chinese Market

Skoda Trams Enter the Chinese Market: Trams, a joint production of the Chinese company Beijing Subway Rolling Stock and Skoda, were showcased. Trams named UrTran 2 introduced at the fair held in Beijing, the capital of China [more…]

old tram in konya
387 Bosnia and Herzegovina

What happened to the old trams

While Konya renews itself, it also lends a hand to friendly cities and countries. The old trams that have served Konya for decades are now in Bosnia and Herzegovina… Konya Metropolitan Municipality has built the tram fleet under the Skoda brand. [more…]

Intercity Railways

BMW also train in Turkey

BMW also train in Turkey: the end of July, made in Turkey by train, automobile transport has been added to a new one. BMW's top two train 200, debuted in Turkey. Germany's BMW downloaded from Rosenberg city, 5 days in Turkey [more…]


New Trams of the Conse

The New Trams of the Coney were Seagull: The arrival of the new trams, which Konya is watching with longing, will be delayed due to the flooding in the Czech Republic. At the request of the producer, the arrival of the first tramway was shifted to 15 days [more…]

History of trams in Konya

Konya Tram Tender Skoda Company

The tender for the purchase of 17 tram vehicles - 2012 spare parts and a deray equipment for renewing the existing tram fleet, made by Konya Metropolitan Municipality on 60 October 58, was concluded. Konya Tramway [more…]