Choose Your Ski Hotels Already

Ski Hotels Make Your Choices Already: As the summer heat approaches, everyone is starting to plan for a winter holiday. Especially for those who miss snow and mountain views, ski hotels are preparing to open their doors. You [more…]

25 Erzurum

Tempo Travel in Erzurum

Tempo Travel in Erzurum Erzurum is one of the major tourist cities of the world and Turkey, it continues to attract the attention of domestic and foreign several media organizations. Important skiing in recent years depending on temperature [more…]

36 Kars

Snowboarding among pine trees

Snowboarding among pine trees: Sarıkamış, one of Turkey's most important ski resorts, has become a favorite of snowboarders. Wide areas surrounded by soft crystal snow and pine forests, boarders who love to ski on untouched spots. [more…]


February heat hits ski resorts

The February heat hit ski resorts: The high temperatures in February throughout the country reduced the thickness and quality of snow in the ski resorts. Gazi University is also the president of Çankırı Ski Coaches Association. [more…]

38 Kayseri

Enjoy the skiing in Erciyes

Enjoy skiing at Erciyes barrier to the wind: the Erciyes Ski Center, which is one of Turkey's major ski resorts, all facilities were closed because of the wind speed reaches up to about 100 kilometers. one of Turkey's major ski resorts [more…]

16 Bursa

Turks flock to Bulgaria to ski

Turks flock to Bulgaria for skiing: Although President Recep Tayyip Erdogan gave instructions 13 years ago, the winter tourism center Uludag Davos lost its charm when it could not be built. When Uludağ fell out of sight, the people of Bursa among them [more…]

58 Sivas

Yıldız Mountain is waiting for skiers

Yıldız Mountain is waiting for ski lovers: After the completion of daily facilities and other investments at Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center, which was opened last year in Sivas, the center awaits ski lovers. Sivas Special Provincial Administration, [more…]

25 Erzurum

Erzurum is famous for its winter tourism

Erzurum makes a name for itself with winter tourism: Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Centers Operations Manager Vuraler: “Erzurum is number one in Turkey as ski resorts and skiers” Making a name for itself with the investments made in winter tourism [more…]

49 Mus

Güzeltepe Ski Center

Güzeltepe Ski Center facility, the truth-seeking exercise: Mus Provincial Directorate of Disaster and Emergency (afad) Search and Rescue teams, did not search the truth in the snow exercise. Search and Rescue held at Güzeltepe Ski Resort [more…]

38 Kayseri

Weekend intensity in Erciyes

Weekend intensity in Erciyes: Erciyes, one of Turkey's most important winter sports and tourism centers, is experiencing weekend intensity. Families who want to spend the weekend in Erciyes Ski Center with their children in Tekir and Hacılar Kapı. [more…]

18 Cankiri

Ski Centers Await Snow In Ilgaz

Ski Resorts in Ilgaz Are Waiting for Snow: Hotel operators at Ilgaz Mountain Yıldıztepe Ski Center are waiting for snowfall before the upcoming New Year's Eve. Osman Satilmis, the manager of a hotel in the ski center, told reporters that he was in the region. [more…]

35 Bulgaria

Favorite ski resorts in the Balkans

Favorite ski resorts in the Balkans: The weather is cool but sunny, even when I'm writing. We Istanbulites do not accept that the winter comes without seeing the first snow in winter. Furs, jackets no matter how cold the air gets [more…]

14 Bolu

Increasing snow thickness in ski resorts

Snow thickness is increasing in ski centers: The thickness of the snow, which shows its face in Bolu, Erzurum and Uludağ, has increased up to 10 centimeters. After the snowfall, which was effective in the high parts of Bolu, the ski resort Kartalkaya turned white. [more…]

38 Kayseri

Erciyesin bed capacity is increased by 100

The bed capacity of Erciyes is increased by 100 percent: With the newly built hotels in Erciyes, one of the most important ski centers of Turkey, before the 2015-2016 ski season, the bed capacity will be increased from 800 to 600. Erciyes AŞ Chairman of the Board [more…]