Intercity Railways

Railway will bring Sivas back to life

The railway will raise Sivas to its feet again: Sivas is known as the 'city of the republic' with the foundation of the republic, the 'city of culture' with its minstrels and historical artifacts, and the 'mining city' with its underground reserves. Industrial investments in the city were also the first of the republic. [more…]


Fast train to Kayseri

When will the high-speed train arrive in Kayseri: AK Party Kayseri Provincial Chairman Hüseyin Cahit Özden, in his statement at the meeting where he met with the press members working in the city, said, “If the rail system goes from below, [more…]


Which high-speed train will go?

Which provinces will the High Speed ​​​​Train go to? Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, said that they will connect 15 provinces with high-speed trains in the short term, with the core network to be created by centering Ankara. Fast [more…]