Tudemsas is the red line of all Sivaslar
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TÜDEMSAŞ is the Red Line of All Sivas People

Underlining the privatization plans under the aim of reducing the quality of the General Directorate of TÜDEMSAŞ, Republican People's Party Sivas MP Ulaş Karasu said, “There is nothing to sell, the sea has run out. Here is today '' Quick decision is now at TÜDEMSAŞ [more…]

sivas demirspor club new season acti
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Sivas Demirspor Club Opens New Season

Sivas Demirspor Club 2019-2020 opened the season. Sivas Demirspor Club season opening program Tüdemsaş General Manager and Chairman of Sivas Demirspor Club Mehmet Basoglu, Demiryol-Is Union Sivas Branch Financial Secretary Kemal [more…]

high speed train will boost sivas tourism
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High Speed ​​Train to Revive Sivas Tourism

Sivas Mayor Hilmi Bilgin made observations on the construction site of Kale Project, which will add value to Sivas, and received information about the meticulously conducted works in the field. In the Kale Project which will integrate Ulu Mosque and Gök Madrasa [more…]

vehicle on the train tracks left on the panige road
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Vehicle Remaining on Train Tracks in Sivas Caused Panic

In Sivas, the car that was left on the train tracks was prevented from being hit by the railbus, which was making the Sivas-Divriği expedition, at the last moment. The remaining car on the train line was removed from the train track with the help of the passengers who got off the railbus and the citizens who came to the region. 58 [more…]

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TUDEMSAS Discussion in Sivas Grows!

The efforts to bring together TÜLOMSAŞ, TÜVESAŞ and TÜDEMSAŞ, which are the three leading public companies of the locomotive and wagon sector in our country, have caused uneasiness. Railways located in Adapazarı, Eskişehir and Sivas [more…]

Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​​​Train Project
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Will High Speed ​​Train Come to Sivas in 2019?

Abdullah Peker, Chairman of the Transport and Railway Employees Union, said that the high-speed train will make great contributions to Sivas. Peker, President of Udem-Hak Sen, said, “The High Speed ​​​​Trade between Ankara and Sivas, whose project was completed ten years ago. [more…]