Percentage of demand for intercity shipping has increased

Intercity Transport Demands Increase 64 Percent

Self-employed workers began to leave the big cities, and the transportation industry was booming. While the remote working model, which became widespread in 2020 with the pandemic, has become permanent for many sectors, working conditions have been increased by both employers and employers. [more…]


Goodyear Transport Industry Symposium

Goodyear introduced its White Paper on "The Journey of the Future: Smart Fleets and the Future of the Transport Industry" at the Transport Industry Symposium. . According to the main findings of the bulletin, policy makers are more optimistic for the future of the road transport sector. [more…]


The first task in Balo Project

Transporters with Bandırma for the First Duty in the Ball Project: Hakan Sukayar, President of the Transporters and Transport Brokers Association, which continues its activities in Bandırma, Balıkesir, said that cargo planes transport cheaper than truckers. in Bandırma [more…]