06 Ankara

Removing Obstacles One by One in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, from the pavement to the bus station, subway station to the service building, park to AŞTİ all over the city to make arrangements to facilitate the lives of people with disabilities. One hand ramps for wheelchair crossings [more…]


Diyarbakır Logistics Center Starts Work

Diyarbakir Logistics Center Feasibility studies were initiated under the leadership of Karacadag Development Agency. As part of the feasibility report preparations, the representatives of logistics companies operating in Diyarbakır came together at the agency service building. of the meetings [more…]


9 giant project from TCDD

Information about the work of the State Railways of the Republic of Turkey Provincial Coordination meetings Transmitting State Railways 4. Regional Directorate, Deputy Regional Director Cemil Demir, made special statements to ERZURUM. l Coordination meeting [more…]