president secer tasucu found examinations at the port
33 Mersin

President Seçer Investigates at Taşucu Port

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hemant Secor, Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's only international port customs and giving the company the distinction of being the municipality was entitled to observations in Taşucu Harbor. Cargo and passenger transportation [more…]


Sea Bus Launches in Lake Van

Van Metropolitan Municipality's sea buses 14 will start their flights as of April Saturday. Van Lake's comfortable transportation network sea buses start their flights again with the arrival of spring. Department of Transportation [more…]


Blue Cruise starts in Van

Blue Voyage starts in Van Lake: 'Blue Voyage' tours begin in Van Lake with the sea buses of Van Metropolitan Municipality. In the summer season, the Department of Maritime Transportation, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Akbil period ends in Istanbul

Akbil is ending in Istanbul: Akbil, which has been used in public transport since 1995 in Istanbul, is being abolished as of the new year. With the new application, only Istanbulkart will be used. Akbil will be given free of charge to those who deliver. Internet applicants [more…]

34 Istanbul

Intelligent transportation comes to Istanbul

Citizen, to reach the point with which means of transport as soon as possible to reach, transfer points, alternative routes, pay the cost of mobile public transport navigation without departing to learn. According to the news of the evening newspaper Nebahat Koç [more…]