34 Istanbul

Sirkeci Train Station

Sirkeci Station: II. It is the train station built on the European side of Istanbul during the reign of Abdulhamid. It is one of the two main stations of TCDD in Istanbul, together with Haydarpaşa Station. In the place where Sirkeci Station is located, it was temporarily [more…]

81 Japan

7 Star Rail Palace

7 Star Rail Palace: A Japanese railway company starts train services in the comfort of an ultra-luxury hotel within two years. Famous for bullet trains called 'Shinkansen' with 10 wagons and 34 passengers, and [more…]


Railways were built in Anatolia

This is how the railways were built in Anatolia: Due to the 125th anniversary of the Germans starting the construction of railways in Turkey, the German Spiegel magazine brought to light the photographs taken in Anatolia at that time… In 1888, the German arms dealer Alfred [more…]