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Snowboarding among pine trees

Snowboarding among pine trees: Sarıkamış, one of Turkey's most important ski resorts, has become a favorite of snowboarders. Wide areas surrounded by soft crystal snow and pine forests, boarders who love to ski on untouched spots. [more…]

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Sarikamis Ski Resort opens

Sarıkamış Ski Facilities are opening: Minister of Youth and Sports Kılıç "Sarıkamış Ski Facilities will be opened on Monday" SARIKAMIS SKI FACILITIES WILL BE OPENED ON MONDAY PKK terrorists attacked Sarıkamış Ski Resort on 13 September last year. [more…]

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Sarikamis Ski Lift

Sarikamis Ski Center Chairlift Tender was held: 3 The Sarikamis Ski Center Chairlift, which was auctioned in November, will be completed and put into service after 2 months. Sarikamis Cibiltepe Ski Resort 2. September at the top station of the stage 13 [more…]

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Fire in the ski resort of Sarıkamış

Fire in Sarıkamışta ski center: The facility, which was damaged as a result of fire last month by members of the separatist terrorist organization PKK, is aimed to be brought up to the new season Sarıkamış Mayor Göksal Toksoy, AA correspondent, as a result of fire [more…]

Sarikamis Cibiltepe Ski Resort
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Renewing the Sarıkamış Ski Resort

Sarıkamış Ski Center Refreshing: Yalcin Topcu by order of the Minister of Culture and Tourism of Turkey's winter tourism is one of the most important ski centers Sarikamish refreshing Winter Sports Tourism Center. Culture and [more…]

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Crystal secret of Sarikamis

The crystal secret of Sarıkamış: Sarıkamış is one of the important fortunes of our country both as a land of martyrs and as a ski center. Let me tell you about the ski resort, problems, problems and advantages that I discovered for the first time. President Tayyip Erdoğan 24 [more…]

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Snow Shoe Training for UMKE Teams

Snow Sled Training for UMKE Teams: Snow sled training was given to National Medical Rescue Teams (UMKE) in Kars. 25 personnel were trained in Sarıkamış Ski Center for the use of the snow sled. Easy to use but control [more…]

Uludag Cable Car
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Turkey's Most Beautiful Ski Centers

We are a little luckier than many countries in the world because there are ski resorts in the east, west, north and south of our country, which we can say are truly excellent. The part I'm happy with is actually the one who used to have a passion for skiing. [more…]

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Unknown Ski Resorts in Turkey

ski resorts in Turkey is unknown: Tour Operators Period Sözcüsü Cem Polatoğlu said that although there are 51 ski centers in Turkey, more than 30 thousand ski lovers prefer the facilities abroad. In a statement to the AA correspondent [more…]