liaison office opened for the tourism road project
63 Sanliurfa

Liaison Office Opened for Tourism Road Project

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality opened a liaison office for the 'Culture and Tourism Road Project' in Şanlıurfa, one of the capitals of faith tourism, that will connect the post of Halil-ur Rahman and Eyyüp Prophet. With the initiatives of the Metropolitan Municipality, with the Official Gazette [more…]

new seating arrangement in public transport vehicles
63 Sanliurfa

New Seating Arrangement in Public Transport Vehicles Serving in Şanlıurfa

Within the scope of the corona virus protection measures, the Social Distance Committees published by the Ministry of Internal Affairs have temporarily introduced a new seating order in public transportation vehicles serving in Şanlıurfa by the Metropolitan Municipality, and the occupancy rate has been reduced to 50%. In line with the decisions taken by the Ministry of Interior [more…]

concrete road joy in the countryside of viransehir
63 Sanliurfa

Concrete Road Joy in Viranşehir Countryside

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality continues its concrete road construction works in many districts on rural roads within the program. The Metropolitan Municipality is gaining the public's appreciation by transforming the worn out rural roads into more durable concrete roads with long life. CONCRETE ROAD IN ŞANLIURFA RURAL [more…]

CED application process opened in the domestic car
63 Sanliurfa

Solar Powered Mobile Signaling to Emirgan Pedestrian Crossing

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality established a solar powered mobile signaling system, a first in Şanlıurfa, in order to find a solution to pedestrian safety and vehicle density on Atatürk Boulevard. Conducted by the order of the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül and for the first time in the city [more…]

sanliurfa kirsali is equipped with concrete roads
63 Sanliurfa

Şanlıurfa Countryside Is Equipped With Concrete Roads

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality equips worn out rural roads with long-lasting, more durable concrete roads and offers them to the service of the citizens. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality is strengthening the rural roads of Şanlıurfa by constructing long-lasting and durable concrete roads. Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Concrete Casting in Karakoyunlu Bridge Interchange and Viaduct
63 Sanliurfa

Concrete Casting in Karakoyunlu Bridge Interchange and Viaduct

Concrete casting started in the construction of the Karakoyun Bridge Junction and Viaduct, whose construction was accelerated by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality. The construction of viaducts at the intersection, which was previously offered to the service of citizens by asphalting side roads, is also progressing rapidly. Karakoyun, which will relieve Şanlıurfa traffic to a large extent [more…]

Sanliurfa rail system tender was denied claims
63 Sanliurfa

Refusal of Sanliurfa Rail System Tender Claims

With the statement made by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, the 455 million TL rail system tender in a national newspaper was denied. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality has written about the news published in a national newspaper with the title "455 Million Tender Scandal". [more…]

sanliurfada hour transport
63 Sanliurfa

24 Hours Transportation in Şanlıurfa

Turkey's longest road having one of the network in Sanliurfa citizens aiming the best service Metropolitan Municipality, finally going to revisions to the 71. line while the 76. line 24-hour basis with services decision-making [more…]

akcakale on the way to work again
63 Sanliurfa

Work on the Road to Akçakale has begun again!

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality will soon make the Şanlıurfa-Akçakale road, which has been expanded 50 meters, ready for traffic flow within the scope of the new road opening and expansion works carried out to prevent the traffic density in the city. On the Sanliurfa-Akçakale Road [more…]

Sanliurfada Passenger and Fishing Boats Inspected
63 Sanliurfa

Passenger and Fishing Boats Inspected in Şanlıurfa

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality carried out inspections on passenger and fishing boats on Atatürk and Birecik Dam lakes. Halfeti, Birecik, Bozova, Hilvan, Siverek districts of the passenger and fishing boats in the yearly water surface audits were made. Sanliurfa according to inspection times [more…]

sanliurfada no noise pollution
63 Sanliurfa

No Passage to Noise Pollution in Şanlıurfa

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, the city center in the audits for public buses that caused noise pollution by collecting air horns were destroyed. Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Police Department by teams connected to the public buses in the audits carried out by air horns hand [more…]

work begins on the road to the catlak and gliding
63 Sanliurfa

Crack and Slip Road Works Start

Mayor Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, who inspected the road in Karaköprü due to the cracks and slips in the winter due to rains, stated that the works will start in the region tomorrow with the completion of the feasibility studies and tender process that we started with our technical friends on April 1. Winter [more…]

sanliurfa new kilometer road construction will begin
63 Sanliurfa

90-Kilometer New Road Construction Will Be Started In Şanlıurfa

A cooperation protocol was signed between Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality and Şanlıurfa Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Directorate (YİKOB) regarding the activities to be carried out within the scope of "Community Welfare Services". Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, Mayor of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, with a ceremony held in the meeting hall of the Governorship [more…]

sanliurfada aslfat season work intensified
63 Sanliurfa

Works Intensified During the Aslfat Season in Şanlıurfa

The boulevards, which have been completed by the Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Science Affairs, are opened to traffic. The Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to relax the traffic of the city with the new road and boulevard works it has opened in the center and districts of Sanliurfa, [more…]

sanliurfada ship license exam organized
63 Sanliurfa

Ship License Exam Held in Şanlıurfa

Within the scope of the 'Target One Million Amateur Seafarers' project initiated by the Ministry of Transport, the Training and Examination of the Amateur Ship License Course was organized under the coordination of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality. Şanlıurfa within the scope of the 'Target One Million Amateur Seafarers' project initiated by the Ministry of Transport [more…]

sanliurfada collective transportation throughout the holiday
63 Sanliurfa

Public Transport is Free During the Holidays in Sanliurfa

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality takes the necessary measures throughout the city so that the people of Şanlıurfa spend the Ramadan Feast comfortably and peacefully. Metropolitan Municipality, which provides free public transport service for 3 days of the feast so that citizens can make their visits comfortably, [more…]

sanliurfa car dealerships to the last rutuslar
63 Sanliurfa

Last Touches to Sanliurfa Auto Gallery.

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of the Auto Gallery was completed asphalt works. After the works to be completed in a short time, the main road and in-site transportation routes will be fully available. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, near the end of the construction of Auto Dealers [more…]