top passage with stairs

'Escalator Overpass' to Doğupark

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is implementing an important project in Doğupark. The first stage of the overpass with escalator, which will facilitate the lives of elderly and disabled citizens, will be completed in a short time and put into service. Samsun Metropolitan [more…]

Trams and ring hours have changed
55 Samsun

Tram and Ring Hours Changed in Samsun ..!

SAMULAŞ, which was established in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality in Samsun and covers the city public transportation system and associated logistics types, during the departure hours of trams, some express and ring lines. [more…]

Mass transportation discount came at samsunda
55 Samsun

Discounts on Public Transport Fees in Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality has signed a decision that will especially please the students. The Metropolitan Municipality made a discount on the subscription tariff in the tram, city bus, public bus and cable car enterprises with the instruction of Mayor Mustafa Demir. Students [more…]

samsun fast train stations
55 Samsun

Where will Samsun High Speed ​​Train Station be?

It has become clear where the station of the High Speed ​​​​Train in Samsun will be. Within the scope of Samsun-Çorum-Kırıkkale high-speed train investment, it has been announced where the Samsun station will be built. There are new developments in the high-speed train project, which the people of Samsun have been waiting for a long time. [more…]

new development on samsun sivas railway line
55 Samsun

Samsun Sivas Railway Line New Development!

Warning from Samsun Metropolitan Municipality to TCDD: 'City traffic is locked' Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Ilkadım district of Samsun - Sivas Railway line Atatürk Boulevard Kılıçdede Junction Level Crossing of the train crossing may cause major blockages in the city traffic. [more…]

samulastan elementary school students
55 Samsun

Training for Primary School Students from SAMULAŞ

As Samulaș, we initiated an educational campaign to raise awareness of our children who will be the parents of the future in order to find solutions to the behavior problems in public transportation. Supported by Samsun Provincial Directorate of National Education “Future Generations [more…]

samsunda green flash application last
55 Samsun

Stop Green Flash Application in Samsun

The flashing green flash application has been terminated in order to warn the drivers that the red light will turn on, especially at the main street and boulevard intersections in Samsun. END THE 'GREEN FLASH' APPLICATION! Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department [more…]

tursid business commission members samsunda met
55 Samsun

TÜRSİD Business Commission Members Meet in Samsun

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ hosted the Samsun Meeting of the Vehicle Operation Commission of the Association of All Rail Systems Operators (TÜRSİD). Information and experiences were shared at the meeting attended by the representatives of municipalities operating the rail system. mastiff [more…]

black box period starts on samulas buses
55 Samsun

The Black Box Period Starts at SAMULAŞ Buses

In the last of the Academy Trainings initiated by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality SAMULAŞ, the themes of 'Saving, Safe, Comfortable Travel' for the Bus Management are handled. General Manager Tamgacı announced that a total of 110 buses will switch to the 'Vehicle Telemetry (Black Box)' system. [more…]